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Automotive Services

Auto Tech West is one of the top Edmonton Mechanic Shops in the west end. We offer complete Automotive services for your car.  From regular scheduled maintenance to all major repairs.  All makes, models and ages of vehicle welcome.  Automotive enthusiasts own and operate our shop. We want you and yours to feel safe and secure both behind the wheel and in front of the service counter.

High Quality oil changes

Oil Changes and Inspections

Oil Changes are critical for the health of your car.  We use premium products when we do our changes as well as conduct an inspection for other items that may need attention. We also have a loyalty program that gives you rewards for regular oil changes.

Tire Repair and Replacement

Tire Repair, Rotation & Replacement

Whether you need new tires or need flat repair or just want your tires inspected or rotated, we can help you out.  We carry a full line of name brand tires as well as some more affordable options for those on a budget.

Diagnostics and Tune Ups

Diagnostics & Tune Ups

Sometimes your car is running poorly and you may not be sure why.  Maybe the check engine light is on and you want to know what is wrong. We have a full array of diagnostic tools and expert mechanics to help get your car running perfectly.  We determine the problem before we throw parts at it.

Brake Repair and Maintenance

Brake Maintenance and Repair

One of the most critical systems in your car is the braking system.  Auto Tech West uses high quality brake parts and offers a full one year parts and labour warranty.

Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belts

Many cars made these days use timing belts to keep the engine timing between the cylinders and valves.  This is crucial for proper operation of your vehicle and if the timing belt breaks, catastrophic damage can occur.  We have changed many timing belts as part of routine maintenance.  Call us to see if yours needs to be done.

All sorts of Auto Parts available

Clutch Repair and Replacement

If you drive a car with a manual transmission, the clutch is a maintenance item.  Clutches wear and need to be adjusted and repaired.  We can check, adjust and replace your clutch if necessary.

See What our Customers Say about this Edmonton Mechanic Shop

“I wouldn’t trust my vehicle to anyone else. Consistently excellent service with integrity – a rare  pairing in the Auto Repair business, in my experience :)”
“I have been taking my Kia buggy to Auto Tech West for years, and saving bags of cash compared to the very expensive services of dealer repair shops. You can trust their honest recommendations for major repairs and regular service.”
“I absolutely love this place. They are so friendly and will help you out in a flash (if they are not backed up with other appointments) or in the case of emergency. They have gotten me out of a jam more than once and have always done it in a caring manner. They are very honest, genuinely care about the maintenance of your car and making sure that you are safe. I can’t say enough about how great their customer service is and what they are able to do with your car. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to use Auto Tech West as their first stop to vehicle maintenance and repair.”
Skilled Automotive Technicians

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We are not your regular Edmonton Mechanic Shop, we try to inform our customers on automotive maintenance, things to look for and general information through our blog.  See our latest posts here.

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What is a Timing Belt

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The Importance of Wheel Alignments

Why is a wheel alignment important? Because if you ensure that your wheels are accurately aligned then you can actually improve the performance, and most importantly, the longevity of your tires. Even if your car may not be pulling noticeably and appears to steer...

Auto Maintenance Schedules

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